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GEN Z Transforming Newsroom Social

500 million people watch Instagram Stories daily. Compare that to Twitter’s 166 million daily active users and it’s not even close and it’s where more than half of Gen Z’ers get their news.



I asked my son the other day where he was getting his news on the upcoming election from— he doesn’t watch TV. He doesn’t do TikTok. He’s not active on SnapChat. He doesn’t have a Facebook account & he only follows his baseball team on Twitter.

While all the talk this week has surrounded Twitter and Facebook when it comes to election season, there’s been one stealth social media platform affecting change, but not making as many headlines:


Once known for a place to post your selfies or vacations, it’s now become a player in the election process. 

And, it’s high time local news started paying attention to it. It’s not a new platform, recently celebrating its tenth anniversary. 500 million people watch Stories daily. Compare that to Twitter’s 166 million daily active users and it’s not even close, and it’s where more than half of Gen Z’ers get their news.

But, it’s not just Gen Z, more in my generation, Gen X, have gravitated away from Facebook and into Instagram.

The problem is: Most newsrooms don’t know how to use Instagram, so they don’t use it at all or the only thing they’re consistent about on Instagram is being inconsistent. Or, even worse, they don’t even have an Instagram account.

In the words of Julia Roberts, “Big Mistake. Big. Huge.”


But, nearly two dozen local newsrooms weren’t going to make that mistake this past summer. 22 college graduates participated in the Instagram Local News Fellowship, a partnership between the Reynolds Journalism Institute and the Facebook Journalism Project. As a group, they generated: 

  • More than 111,000 new followers
  • More than doubled their publishers’ posting frequency
  • Increased interactions by 120% 
  • Increased Video view by 360%


TEXT FEED ASSETS: It’s a trend you’re seeing across the news industry. The format is simple, yet encourages shares because it’s easy for followers to hit the paper plane underneath the post and share it in their own Stories and provide their own viewpoint, increasing the reach of the post and ultimately, your news organization.

INCORPORATED STICKERS: From quizzes to polls to questions, stickers aim to increase engagement. These kinds of “stickers” are much more than what you grew up with and are where you can get immediate feedback and discover what topics resonate with your community and which ones don’t.

INSTAGRAM LIVE: Nine of the participating newsrooms went live on Instagram this past summer, many for the first time. Only NINE. Some for the FIRST TIME. They are NEWS outlets. It’s incredible that this feature isn’t used more in newsrooms to deliver on the promise they don’t just make daily, but invented: live, local and late-breaking news. 

By doing these core three items, the fellows were able to:

  • Generate subscriptions
  • Generate referral traffic
  • Reach younger audiences
  • Increase engagement

I spent more than 20 years in a newsroom as a TV producer and now own a social media content creation business, so I’ve seen this from both sides. We spent more time on making content than we do promoting it. In TV, it was always the very last thing we did when it should have been our first. I’ll admit I used to hate it when the promotional team would come to me while we were still on the air with that morning’s news to ask me what we were doing tomorrow for a :10 spot that would air on some courtroom show I didn’t even know we aired to a demographic we weren’t after…  

I was living in a bubble.

At the end of the day, as journalists, we want to make an impact on people, on peoples’ lives—but, our one-dimensional approach that everything has to be on TV or on our website is, quite frankly, elitist and short-sighted when one piece of content could be sliced into a variety of different formats and distributed across multiple channels to reach a maximum number of people.

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Fox News Tells Its Audience to Pound Sand

The Fox News slide is now far more than anecdotal. RedState reported last week that MSNBC’s Morning Joe beat Fox News’ Fox & Friends in the ratings for the first time in 20 years.



“It’s been nice having you around for 25 years. Really, you’ve made us quite wealthy and successful. We gave you what you want. But it’s time for you to hit the road, because we don’t share those values anymore. We’re done with you. You’ve served your purpose, and please don’t let the door hit you on the way out.”

In essence, these were the unspoken words delivered by Fox News to its legions of viewers on November 3rd, 2020.

One of the first signals came early in the night, as many viewers were just settling in for a night of watching the election returns, when the Fox team announced gleefully that not only would Democrats hold the U.S. House of Representatives, but they would actually surge and gain at least five seats.

In reality, Fox news was quite wrong, as Republicans rode a red wave to massive double-digit gains in the House. 

The climactic moment when Fox News unofficially gave it’s viewership the royal salute was shortly after 11pm, when the network’s brainiacs declared Joe Biden the winner in Arizona. That was the first call of the night to cut against the grain in President Trump’s most direct path to re-election. The problem, of course, is that the Grand Canyon state has yet to be officially decided…21 days later.  It may indeed flip from red to blue. Or it may yet stay in Trump’s column, after looming recounts and/or legal challenges.

Regardless, Fox was ready, willing and eager to kick its loyal audience to the curb. And truthfully, that is their prerogative. Changing leadership and, with it, a change in philosophy has foreshadowed this evolution for years.

Out were Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly and others. In are Donna Brazile, Leland Vittert, Chris Wallace and other voices skewing left. 

And many other changes have been noticeable for quite some time. 

Neil Cavuto, a once-staunch espouser of free markets and conservative principles, has seemingly joined his pal, Mitt Romney, in the destroy-Trump-at-all-costs mission. Just two weeks ago, Cavuto cut away from White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany’s press conference, as she was pointing out mounting evidence of voter fraud. Cavuto simply couldn’t allow such assertions to go out over the Fox News airwaves.

Dana Perino, a mostly-fair yet non-Trumper, responded last week to current vote-altering allegations by wondering on air if, or when, the Dominion company would sue the Trump legal team.  She tweeted that she wouldn’t be surprised if they do. Certainly she may be correct, if one presumes the allegations of corruption are unfounded. The facts have yet to be heard and the process has yet to play out. Still, her gut reaction seemed to be to attack the Trump team. Same for many other contributors heard on the network.

Some of the shifting attitudes inside Fox News began to show prior to the election. One example came in September, when contributor Newt Gingrich brought up the influence of George Soros when discussing the violent rioting and looting in Democrat-controlled cities across the country. The startled panel of hosts chided Gingrich for making the remark and shut down the train of thought. 

The change inside Fox News has even escalated and attached itself to the network’s biggest name, at the moment. Tucker Carlson recently announced he’ll continue to host his network program, and then last week took what many felt was a personal aim at Trump attorney, Sidney Powell. Carlson correctly noted that he has yet to see verifiable proof of Powell’s claims of massive voter fraud, but then descended into personal attacks on her demeanor and credibility. Through text message exchanges, she has refused to appear with evidence on his program, and Powell says it was Carlson who was rude and unprofessional. Regardless, the last two weeks has taken Tucker down a couple pegs in the eyes of some of the more than 73 million Trump supporters. Many of these same viewers had, until recently, even put forth Carlson’s name as a future presidential candidate.

The big winners so far, as Fox News has summarily dumped its loyal customer base, seem to be NewsMax and One America News. Like Trump himself, both growing networks play to a conservative, traditional American base. They have seen skyrocketing interest and ratings over the past few weeks, as viewers search for an alternative to what they could count on for more than two decades at Fox News.

As Fox dismisses claims of voting irregularity and proclaims Joe Biden as “President-Elect,” One America News recently aired a feature entitled, “Dominion-izing the Vote,” which went in-depth into the “glitches, errors and money trails” related to the voting systems used in many swing states.  

The Fox News slide is now far more than anecdotal. RedState reported last week that MSNBC’s Morning Joe beat Fox News’ Fox & Friends in the ratings for the first time in 20 years.

The Daily Caller quotes a Morning Consult survey that reports while 67% of Republicans viewed Fox News favorably before the election, only 54% view them favorably now.

And depending how the 2020 election eventually ends up, these networks may have a new leader to glue them together with the Republican, conservative and populist base. At the moment, that leader still has plans for the next four years. 

As he is fond of saying, “We’ll see what happens.”

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BNM Writers

7 Million Tune In Across Five Networks For NASA’s SpaceX Crew

“The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket that propelled the Crew Dragon spacecraft with four international astronauts into orbit attracted nearly 7 million viewers across five networks.”



There was still plenty of news to cover in the aftermath of the U.S. presidential election that resulted in victory for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. But one major non-political news event also received significant coverage: the launch of NASA’s SpaceX Crew-1 mission. On Sunday, Nov. 15 at approximately 7:30 p.m. ET, the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket that propelled the Crew Dragon spacecraft with four international astronauts into orbit attracted nearly 7 million viewers across five networks. The three cable news networks carried the launch — CNN (1.92 million), Fox News Channel (1.27 million), and MSNBC (0.79 million) — but the launch’s top outlet was Discovery with 2.21 million viewers. Its sister network Science Channel attracted 761,000 viewers.

The audience was on-par with the splash-down landing of the SpaceX Demo-2 flight back on Aug. 2 (6.53 million across the same aforementioned five networks), but nowhere near the amount of those who tuned in to the SpaceX Demo-2 launch back on May 30 (15.43 million).

The SpaceX Crew-1 traveled en-route to the International Space Station to begin a six-month science mission — longest human space mission launched from the United States.

While that launch occurred, CBS aired “60 Minutes” featuring the first prime time interview of 44th U.S. President Barack Obama since the election of his former running mate Joe Biden to the office POTUS. An average of 12.88 million viewers tuned from Nov. 15-18, according to Nielsen Live plus Three Day data; 12.38 million of those watched it on the night of Nov. 15. With “60 Minutes” reporter Scott Pelley, Obama shared his thoughts on the current state of the nation and government as he promoted his memoir, “A Promised Land”. Earlier on Nov. 15, Obama spoke with CBS This Morning anchor Gayle King on “CBS Sunday Morning”; that edition drew 5.4 million viewers, which marked the 620th consecutive week “CBS Sunday Morning” was the most-watched Sunday morning news program in total viewers — that’s nearly 12 consecutive years on top.

Post-election coverage kept CNN on top of cable news for the second straight week. For the week ending Nov. 15, 2020 in total day data (from 6 a.m. to 5:59 a.m. each day), CNN averaged 1.62 million total viewers and 444,000 adults 25-54.

Although they returned to dominate in prime time, Fox News Channel could not best CNN for the entire week, drawing 1.6 million viewers and 297,000 adults 25-54. MSNBC posted 1.49 million viewers and 247,000 adults 25-54.

Top 11 most-watched cable news programs (and the top MSNBC and CNN programs with associated ranks) in total viewers:

1. Hannity (FOXNC, Tue. 11/10/2020 9:00 PM, 60 min.) 5.191 million viewers

2. Tucker Carlson Tonight (FOXNC, Tue. 11/10/2020 8:00 PM, 60 min.) 4.694 million viewers

3. Tucker Carlson Tonight (FOXNC, Wed. 11/11/2020 8:00 PM, 60 min.) 4.667 million viewers

4. Tucker Carlson Tonight (FOXNC, Mon. 11/9/2020 8:00 PM, 60 min.) 4.539 million viewers

5. Tucker Carlson Tonight (FOXNC, Thu. 11/12/2020 8:00 PM, 60 min.) 4.311 million viewers

6. Hannity (FOXNC, Wed. 11/11/2020 9:00 PM, 60 min.) 4.260 million viewers

7. Hannity (FOXNC, Thu. 11/12/2020 9:00 PM, 60 min.) 4.103 million viewers

8. Hannity (FOXNC, Mon. 11/9/2020 9:00 PM, 60 min.) 3.998 million viewers

9. Tucker Carlson Tonight (FOXNC, Fri. 11/13/2020 8:00 PM, 60 min.) 3.882 million viewers

10. The Ingraham Angle (FOXNC, Tue. 11/10/2020 10:00 PM, 60 min.) 3.806 million viewers

11. Hannity (FOXNC, Fri. 11/13/2020 9:00 PM, 60 min.) 3.568 million viewers

12. The Lead With Jake Tapper (CNN, Fri. 11/13/2020 4:00 PM, 60 min.) 3.305 million viewers

13. Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC, Tue. 11/10/2020 9:00 PM, 60 min.) 3.247 million viewers

Top 10 cable news programs (and the top MSNBC program with associated rank) among adults 25-54:

1. Hannity (FOXNC, Tue. 11/10/2020 9:00 PM, 60 min.) 1.355 million adults 25-54

2. Tucker Carlson Tonight (FOXNC, Wed. 11/11/2020 8:00 PM, 60 min.) 1.034 million adults 25-54

3. Tucker Carlson Tonight (FOXNC, Mon. 11/9/2020 8:00 PM, 60 min.) 0.921 million adults 25-54

4. The Ingraham Angle (FOXNC, Tue. 11/10/2020 10:00 PM, 60 min.) 0.904 million adults 25-54

5. Tucker Carlson Tonight (FOXNC, Tue. 11/10/2020 8:00 PM, 60 min.) 0.903 million adults 25-54

6. Hannity (FOXNC, Wed. 11/11/2020 9:00 PM, 60 min.) 0.889 million adults 25-54

7. Cuomo Prime Time (CNN, Mon. 11/9/2020 9:00 PM, 60 min.) 0.858 million adults 25-54

8. Anderson Cooper 360 (CNN, Mon. 11/9/2020 8:00 PM, 60 min.) 0.833 million adults 25-54

9. Anderson Cooper 360 (CNN, Wed. 11/11/2020 8:00 PM, 60 min.) 0.831 million adults 25-54

10. Cuomo Prime Time (CNN, Tue. 11/10/2020 9:00 PM, 60 min.) 0.829 million adults 25-54

62. Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC, Mon. 11/9/2020 9:00 PM, 60 min.) 0.581 million adults 25-54

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BNM Writers

Goodbye, Alex

Trebek hosted Jeopardy! in its current iteration since its debut in 1984, recording more than 8,000 episodes. He had a rare combination of authority and accessibility that engendered the audience’s trust in him.



Photo by Marabuchi CC BY-SA 2.0.

When I was a kid, all I wanted to do was beat my mom at Jeopardy!

Every night in the living room she would mow through the show with ease. At first, it was hard to even think of the answer before she could say it aloud.

I got so desperate, I’d start repeating the answer super quick after the contestant did, trying to make it sound like it was on the tip of my tongue and I knew the answer too.

As I got older and learned more, I’d start getting a few. You never forget how that feels. I haven’t thought of it in forever until I recently became a father.

I’d push myself in French Literature and pray there was a sports category in Double Jeopardy! By the time I was in high school, we were just barking answers at the TV like our humans weren’t home and Alex Trebek was an intruder. 

But that would be impossible, wouldn’t it?

Because no matter how much Americans barked at the TV over the last 36 years, it always felt like Alex Trebek was on our team. ‘We’ were the fourth contestant, even though he had all the answers.

Trebek ran out of answers last week, or rather doctors did while trying to stop the pancreatic cancer he battled for two years. 

Trebek hosted Jeopardy! in its current iteration since its debut in 1984, recording more than 8,000 episodes. He had a rare combination of authority and accessibility that engendered the audience’s trust in him. 

He had all the answers, but it seemed like he knew all the answers. He wasn’t just reading them off a card. He knew them. Hell, maybe he wrote the questions, that’s how smart everyone thought he was.

I think it was the way he pronounced everything perfectly. You just knew he had done the research, and he had the chops to pull off any accent. 

Or maybe it was because he was Canadian, though northerners were actually banned from appearing on the show as contestants at one time.

Trebek managed to come off as intellectual equals with even the top contestants, that little chat halfway through round one becoming a nightly tête-à-tête with Ken Jennings or James Holzhauer. 

Or maybe it was because the show was just so prevalent and pervasive. New episodes almost every night and reruns when there weren’t. Contestants like Ken and James were household names during their respective Jeopardy! runs.

Trebek’s executive producer says he had a ‘nice final day,’ a peaceful passing for a man who brought so much happiness to people’s lives.

Even more fitting is that his final episode of the 35 he recorded this season will air on Friday, December 25.

Christmas Day.

A gift.

One that many families will hopefully open together, in front of the tree, shouting answers at the TV.
Hoping Mom thinks you’re smart.

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