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Barrett News Media is dedicated to covering the news radio, television, and print industry and the skilled personalities, reporters and behind the scenes professionals who serve their audiences on a daily basis. Established in September 2020 as an extension of the Barrett Sports Media brand, BNM aims to become a go to source for news, analysis, opinion, strategy, and storytelling on the news media industry, thanks in part to a dedicated team of experienced writers, reporters, and longstanding relationships.

We feature 5 columnists, 3 daily news writers, 4 features reporters, a chief editor, and exclusive content from Barrett Media President Jason Barrett. In the sports media world, the Barrett Sports Media brand has generated over 4.5 million website visitors, and our goal here at BNM is to deliver a similar response in the years to come. The Barrett brand’s social media following is over 20,000 between Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin, and our weekly email alerts go out to more than 10,000 industry professionals.

If your company is looking to strengthen its business, awareness, and relationships, we provide a variety of cost effective ways to help you accomplish your goals. We offer traditional banner placement on the BNM website, BNM Podcast integration, email and social media sponsorships, branded audio and written content, feature series title sponsor associations, and corporate partnerships as part of our annual BSM Summit.

To help us further understand your objectives and connect you to the right opportunity, please contact Jason Barrett at (845) 845-4558 or by email at

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